Observe the nesting technique of the wild wiener-dog. This majestic beast leaves his nose out just enough to smell its natural prey, cheerios. Nature is so beautiful.

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Eyes off The Office and onto me!!!

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Slight wardrobe malfunction…

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deardoritos: came for the contest you had a while back, stayed for your stories and photos 

YAY the contest made me more friends!!! I’m gonna do another at 10,000 followers (I’m at about 6,600 right now) :D

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True love is when your pet comes to your room on its own.

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Lazy sunday, no snaggle tooth for today!

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Luka: “Don’t tread on me.”

A prime example of an “alpha roll” seen in domestic dogs and wild canids. Something that some people argue and claim “doesn’t exist” when it does, this pic is proof enough. Canine dominance is real kiddos.


another good link —-> http://wolfdogproject.com/dom2.html this is NOT a link just about wolf dogs but all canines in general from wolves to domestic dogs…

Oh god, that is so painfully wrong.

And when will people stop trying to make out like they know everything about a certain animal from one photograph? 

She tries excruciatingly hard to “prove” canine dominance through any means possible.

I guess when my 30lb puppy gets on top of my 75lb bitch like this that must be alpha rolling too, right? or why either of my dogs let the cat “alpha roll” them.

Look at context ffs and maybe start looking to people who have an actual background in animal behavior/training and aren’t self proclaimed “professionals” like CM is.

Dogs love to wrestle. My dog likes to go running at dogs full-speed at the park and if they don’t instantly take his hint and go into a game of chase he will end up barreling into them. At which point, depending on the size of the dog, they may end up being rolled underneath him. There are two rottweiler pups that do nothing but wrestle with each other, Raven who is a few months older and Max. And they take turns pinning each other and rolling around and getting into typical puppy scuffles that always ends in wagging tails and a game of tug with the toys I always bring.

My dog loves to play with my older dog and will go to great lengths to bother her and antagonize her long enough until she plays with him. He freely exposes his belly and throat to her while swatting her with his paws. Sometimes she’ll return this gesture and do the same thing. Though Sassy is clearly much older and head honcho amongst all the pets she states no claim of “dominance” by forcing Orion onto his back. She sometimes shows this playful behavior to my younger dog, and he does it right back to her. Neither dog is dominant over the other, but the older one still has some semblance of status and the younger one is taught that she’s old and doesn’t always want to play and he has to respect that. She shows confident stubbornness, not aggressive dominance. Even yesterday at the park when she had two rottie pups trying to mount her she didn’t “alpha roll” them to show them their place, but she certainly told them off. When they wanted to play nice with her she was perfectly ok with that, because she’s an old lady with bad hips and them jumping on her back is something she didn’t like.

I this particular picture you are seeing a group of huskies and malamutes in play. These dogs were likely in the middle of a good chase that turned into a game of wrestling when the picture was snapped. This is not an “I am the alpha dog and you will do as I say” gesture, but rather a “come play with me, I challenge you to get up” gesture. Notice the body language of these dogs; the surrounding dogs are paying this act no mind and can tell this is not an act of dominance or aggression. The dog who is being pinned does not have a pulled-back face nor is giving the sideways glance  and low-headed posture of a dog that is scared or stressed; it is actively trying to get up but shows no indication of being truly upset over this matter. A lot of dogs love being stuck on the bottom because it gives them an opportunity to practice being able to get up. Look at the white dog that you claim is “alpha rolling” the other; its stance suggests that it is not using all of its weight to pin the other. It’s face is mid-grumble (have you ever even seen huskies in action? They are exceedingly vocal dogs who have a wide range of barks, howls, and grumbles they utilize during play), it’s ears are relaxed at the sides being neither forward with extreme alert or pushed back in aggression. Its face is not a snarl, there are no fangs bared in a demand for “submission”, its posture is not rigid. This is a playful encounter. Not every bark, snarl, growl, or grumble is a demand for obedience. When my dogs play together is sounds more like a pair of junkyard dogs in the middle of a bloody battle, but that is how they choose to play because the elder one is a Rottweiler-German Shepherd mix. Her ruff comes forward, her lips curl back, and she charges at the other dog but it is all in good fun because that’s the kind of play that they younger dog enjoys the most; he enjoys being chased. But when she catches him you can tell that it’s all for show and she treats him like her own flesh and blood. We’ve had people watch these encounters warily and voice their concerns, and to them they are told to just watch. When they see that it’s all for show and all in good fun they nod in understanding and have no problem letting their dogs into the mix. Because this behavior is not aggression, and it’s not “dominance”. It’s a bonding behavior meant to strengthen trust and survival behaviors through harmless play. Some dogs just like to play harder than others, but that doesn’t mean they are trying to be “top dog”.

so I really liked this reblog comment so Imma reblogging it. Thanks sammiwolfe :]

Not Biggie but this is amazingly informative.

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Too. Cute. Can’t. Handle.

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Two of my many attempts to be cute with my dog

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Stop being so cute, its distracting.

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**********PET PORTRAIT GIVEAWAY!**************

I’ve managed to re-arrange my days at work, so instead of working 6/7 days a week I’m now down to 4, hurray! More free time means more time for the important stuff in my life, like art! In celebration I’ve decided to do a pet portrait give away since I’m a little out of practice.

Please note that these are digital paintings. 


1. The winner will be chosen at random either with a random number generator or a good ol’ fashioned pull from a hat.

2. You do not have to be following me.

3. Reblog only. Likes will not count.

4. Please do not reblog any more than three times to make it fairer for everyone. 

5. You will receive ONLY the digital file of the painting, not a printed copy. You are welcome to get the file printed yourself for your own personal use (eg. not for you to resell as your own.) This is because a) I appreciate people aren’t comfortable handing out their address to someone online and b) I can’t afford anything right now. Nope! Not even a £2 print and it’s £2 p&p. Very sorry!

6. You must have your ask open so that I can contact you to let you know you’ve won.

7. The giveaway will end September 30th and I will draw the following day. 

One week to go!

Ends Tuesday!

Please remember likes do NOT count, reblogs only. 

Ends tomorrow! I’ll be drawing around 10pm (UK time.) 

Why not c:

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~rollin with the homies~

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Walkies time!!!

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