**********PET PORTRAIT GIVEAWAY!**************

I’ve managed to re-arrange my days at work, so instead of working 6/7 days a week I’m now down to 4, hurray! More free time means more time for the important stuff in my life, like art! In celebration I’ve decided to do a pet portrait give away since I’m a little out of practice.

Please note that these are digital paintings. 


1. The winner will be chosen at random either with a random number generator or a good ol’ fashioned pull from a hat.

2. You do not have to be following me.

3. Reblog only. Likes will not count.

4. Please do not reblog any more than three times to make it fairer for everyone. 

5. You will receive ONLY the digital file of the painting, not a printed copy. You are welcome to get the file printed yourself for your own personal use (eg. not for you to resell as your own.) This is because a) I appreciate people aren’t comfortable handing out their address to someone online and b) I can’t afford anything right now. Nope! Not even a £2 print and it’s £2 p&p. Very sorry!

6. You must have your ask open so that I can contact you to let you know you’ve won.

7. The giveaway will end September 30th and I will draw the following day. 

One week to go!

Ends Tuesday!

Please remember likes do NOT count, reblogs only. 

Ends tomorrow! I’ll be drawing around 10pm (UK time.) 

Why not c:

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~rollin with the homies~

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Walkies time!!!

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Are my ears messed up?

My favorite ahhhh

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Maybe if I sink low enough into the couch I can get some of that chicken…

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Wait, slow down. You mean to tell me that I CAN’T chew on shoes? But they are SOOO tasty!!!

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Thanks for all the lovely messages and comments everyone! Heres a little paw raise for ya!

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Stompor sends cuddles and well wishes to biggiethedachshund and big kisses to his grandpa! Get well soon, Biggie!

Awwww thanks buddy! :)

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Guys, thank you so much for all your kind words. I can’t believe how lucky we are that everyone is okay now.

We are actually close friends with one of the K-9 police in the area (his GSD is such a goof ball) and he said it was a good thing we reported it, especially since he actually broke the skin on my fathers leg. He said that animal control is going to take it very seriously.
Anyways, thanks again for the kind words, I read them all to my Dad and he thinks he’s a regular internet hero now lol!

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Biggie was attacked today by a pit bull/lab mix on his daily 5 mile walk with my Dad. In the last 1/2 mile they were walking on the sidewalk of a mildly busy street. My Dad saw the dog climb OVER the chain fence of a house across the street and bolt through traffic towards them. He lunged at Biggie and grabbed him around the torso. My father punched him 3 times in the side of the head as hard as he could to try and get him to let go of Biggie and it didn’t phase him at all. Eventually, he had to lift Biggie up by his neck in the air to get him free from the other dogs jaws. Finally he got on the ground and grabbed hold of the chain around the mixes neck and twisted it, choking him, all while holding Biggie with the other hand from darting into the road.
Some people got out of their cars to help but by the time they got there, the owner (an older lady) had crossed the room and taken hold of her dog. She didn’t say A WORD.
At this point, my father was enraged. He picked up Biggie and walked him home without turning around. Only after he got back did he feel the scratches on his leg. We are so lucky, Biggie has no cuts or any other visible injuries. He does have small scrapes on his belly where the dogs jaws were, and you can see the dried saliva. He is pretty shaken up.
We filed a police report and notified animal control. Very scary. I don’t know what would have happened if I was walking him, my Dad is very strong and over 6 foot 4 which is why he was able to protect Biggie, but if I was there I wouldn’t have been strong enough. We are extremely lucky.

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Uhg I’m trying to sleep mom…

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